Setting goals

This post comes from a few things, a few realizations I’ve had while reading re-discovering NerdFitness (and partly Fluent In 3 Months) as well as reading content from Tim Ferriss and Colin Wright, both authors whom I’m a huge fan of.

So last night started out like any other night: I came back home around 8pm, and while I was cooking, I went on various social networks. The last one was Pinterest, and one of the tech brands I follow had some sort of frenzy on “lifehacking” and what they call ‘Nerd Fitness' . Several pins were linking to articles on Steve Kamp's Nerd Fitness blog, and after a bit, I have to say it felt like a few things started to click in my head.

Only after starting to talk to the girlfriend, and writing down (to her) what I had in mind, did I realize that it was making sense. And that writing it was actually a GREAT idea for me to visualize and interpret the necessary steps.

So without anymore wait, here’s the thought process.

  1. Realization
  2. Refocus
  3. Optimize Current Time Spent
  4. Life is a game - Lifehack your way onto the next level
1. Realization
I spend a ridiculous amount of time on Social Media. It’s nearly like a drug. I am all day long on Twitter, between world news and tech rumors, I hardly spend more than 10mn NOT monitoring what’s said from the 700+ accounts I follow.
On the other hand, I don’t watch TV, and don’t listen to any radio. And generally am no consumer of old media (except from digitalized magazines or newspapers)
I’m not only on twitter, I have my online presence set up in plenty of different places, and in fact, it’s my strength: I’m not an influencer, but little by little, my reach is starting to become global, locally targeted through the social network I’ll use to broadcast what I have to share: Pinterest for design or casual assets, Twitter for news and tech stuff, Goodreads for books I’m reading, etc…
But what I want to do now is leverage these networks for my own life, to take my online presence and help it increase my offline life.
I’m not yet sure how, but basically, social networking is something I understand and am fairly good at. Unfortunately it can get out of control.
So this brings me to Part Two:

I’m looking for a way to regulate and optimize the time spent on Social Networks so that I can easily make more time for hobbies and skills I’d like to learn.
It means dividing my time and tasks, and focusing on one task at a time.
It’s not going to be easy, but to some extent I have to.
It means that I have to take the time to think about WHAT I want to do and HOW I can do it.
At the moment one of the various many things always on my mind is reading more. I have a LONG list of books and ebooks to KNOCK down, learn from, and get entertained by.
And 150 saved up articles that I manually added in the last weeks.
And close to 500 articles coming from Blogs I’m following and Subscribing to.
And 2-3 digital magazine subscriptions…
3.Optimize Current Spare Time
The way things are going now, I don’t actually have much spare time because of all the time I spend on social network or procrastinating.
This needs to change. In a big way.

This is the interesting part, where I decide on a new skill to learn, break it down piece by piece, literally, and accomplish it. It needs to be as broken down as a single step after another.

I’m feeling utterly motivated about this, and I do believe using my diary more, and getting the girlfriend to help me out or do something similar will help a lot on the medium-to-long run.

Yet another “life-experiment” for me to set up and abide to. I’m excited.