cxthecloud: Do you use cloud storage? If so, what kind, and why did you choose that kind?

Glad to receive a message in there :) They’re being rare recently.

I do use Cloud Storage…

  • I’ve been using Dropbox for 3+ years now, and it holds important folders containing projects and university-related stuff
  • I opened a account last fall as they were running a promotion to get 50gb for free… So I simply couldn’t miss on that one.
  • I used Google Docs, which is now Google Drive, but haven’t opened it more then twice since the switch/relaunch
  • I have installed SugarSync and Bitcasa but have yet to use them…

So the main one really is Dropbox, but since I don’t pay for it, even with refferals is “only” around 8gb, I’ve started to rely more and more on Box…

In terms of choice for use, it’s very simple: digitalized data, paperless lifestyle and backup/repairs are the three main things I look for in there:

You basically don’t need to think about an external hard-drive or USB stick anymore. Everything is stored online, so after you’ve sent it in the right folder, it’s all synchronising by itself, and everything is available from any device you have, may it be a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or a web-browser.

You also don’t need to worry about your data, because it’s all seamlessly backed-up, so if your device dies or gets stolen, you -at least- won’t lose your content/data

Finally, I use services like Evernote, Wunderlist, iCloud or even Flickr (and so many more) to store my online life.

Evernote is a second brain to me, where I put notes, thoughts, reminders, etc…

Wunderlist/Wunderkit is to keep track of things I need to do whether at work or for in my personal life

iCloud for iOS/Mac related data and productivity (using Pages, mostly, and a couple of apps -DayOne and IA Writer among others…)

And Flickr obviously to have my pictures online to share with my family and friends (Facebook is more about personal pictures between friends, Flickr is more when travelling and others…)