So, as I mentionned on Twitter, I’ve been contacted by a brand, and rewarded for following them across several social networks.

I have done nothing more than following them on Tumblr and Facebook, and had not signed up for the service yet. But someone within the team contacted me directly and sent me a discount, without my asking anything, which I find marvelous!

Now here’s what BrandiD is about: focusing on the trend of technology and e-commerce rising and trying to fit each individual as best as they can, new companies have emerged where instead of paying a huge price for something, you subscribe to get everything delivered to your house, every month.

The most famous example is probably Dollar Shave Club, for whom the promotional video went absolutely viral:

But while Dollar Shave Club delivers razors and is based in the US, BrandiD is:

  • based in the UK and delivers anywhere in the world (although free shipping only applies to the United Kingdom)
  • instead of razors, it delivers clothes, and is separated into 3 different plans
  1. The “Soldier” plan where you get a pair of socks and a boxer
  2. The “Boss” pack, where you receive all of the above AND a t-shirt
  3. The “Godfather” plan, where you’ll get all of the above AND a shirt

It’s worth noting that:

- this type of service seems to only be focused on men for now. While I’m sure ladies would love to have an equivalent service (tampon delivery, anyone? BE HONEST!), I believe women generally like to see and try clothes much more than men. Before I get some crazy sadistic feminist comment, I just want to outline that I’m stating facts drawn from my own point of view and friends’ experience(s).

- As I mentioned before, the customer service is awesome: they personally reached out, without my asking for anything. They also got in touch and highlighted me on their Twitter account, and we exchanged a few tweets at 10pm (their local time, which was 11pm my time)

So as a test, I’ll be trying the #2 “Boss” plan, and am fairly excited about it. I’ll try to update this post when the time comes.

Regarding BrandiD as a brand, I can’t stress out how important a good customer care is. In the era where any potential customer can become a fan and advocate for your brand, you simply cannot neglect a single one of your users. 

What’s very interesting is that they use their tumblr blog to create or share content and information not about their service, but about the topics their community is interested by. For example, they celebrated Clint Eastwood’s and Harrisson Ford’s birthdays, or gave tips about a specific “manly” topic, and always with some humorous tone to it. It’s a growing brand with its own character and as such is more relatable, more human, and it makes it easier for potential users and current customers to engage and interact with them.

I’m really excited about this kind of service, using technology to deliver physical goods in an innovative way, with the pinch of humor and character. So if you want to try the service, click on the image above and you’ll be taken straight away to registration (and help me out in the process!)