Say what you want about LG, but I keep looking back at my phone I really think to design and hardware is great!

I’m absolutely not showing off here: but a few people had told me that LG’s hardware was quite poor, in the past.
I think Google’s influence has been really good: I feel happy taking this piece of glass and plastic out of my pocket or find myself lost in my train of thought while glancing at the device on my desk…

Tumblr I need your help…

I’m tempted to upgrade my phone (HTC Sensation 4G, from T-Mobile USA) much sooner than expected, considering:

- the battery is utter bullshit: this morning, the battery went from 100% to 87% in 10-15mn after unplugging it.

- I’m going to be travelling a little around the end of March, beginning of April, and this summer too

- It’s got loads of T-Mobile bloatware/crapware

- I was thinking of upgrading this summer anyway between June-August

I currently have my eyes on the Nexus 4, which is a great all-rounder. It’s on the latest version of Android, and the latest software updates have fixed battery issues.

Here’s my current phone:


Here’s the one I have my eyes on:


I need help…

What do you think, friends of Tumblr? Should I wait or should I go for it?

Google is getting better at doing the things Apple is good at faster than Apple is getting better at doing the things that Google is good at. We’ll see what the shakeup at the top of the iOS and iCloud teams yields…

Ed Bott: Get Off Of My Cloud


He makes the argument that Google’s Blogger outage negates their big push for moving to the cloud made this week at I/O. In other words, more FUD.

First of all, using Blogger as the example is stupid. Blogging without the cloud? What a genius idea. 

Second, his “question” is what if this had happened to Google Docs? Well, offline Gmail, Docs, and Calendar are exactly what Google has been using internally for months and stated at I/O that they would ship this summer. 

Microsoft and its extensions are clearly scared shitless of the concept of Chrome OS. That’s not to say Chromebooks will be a slam dunk hit — we’ll see. But the concept of simple, cheap, fast machines that don’t run Windows and keep everything synced in the cloud is a very compelling one. 

I still see this as a big part of the Microsoft “squeeze”. Chromebooks and iPads pressure Windows from below. Macs pressure from above.