Coursera Receive College Credit Recommendations

Coursera has scored a big win for distance learning and online education!


Coursera is committed to seeing that our courses meet our students’ educational goals, from simply experiencing the joy of learning something new, to seeking improved employment opportunities, to working towards a degree. To this end, we are proud to announce that the American Council on…

What is clear, though, is that education – deeper, broader and more universal – has a significant part to play in enabling humanity to succeed in the next half-century.
What is also clear is that public systems cannot move fast enough to meet this challenge on their own– there is an urgent need, now more than ever, for the disruptors and innovators who have reshaped the music, computing, commerce and all other walks of life to play their part in education.
The future of the next generation depends on the emerging breed of education entrepreneurs and what they can deliver to society over the next few years.


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Robert Greene has written some very impressive books, focusing on the impact of historical figures to determine how best to become a better person, improve in leadership, power, and charisma.

His take on University is EXACTLY how I feel as I’m halfway through my final year!

We often hear lamentations about declining educational quality, but the focus is usually misplaced on SAT scores and graduation rates. Missing from the conversation is the quality of what’s being taught. Meanwhile, we are mistakenly wed to the notion that more people going to college means more people will find jobs.

Our Unprepared Graduates" by Kathleen Parke 

- Washington Post