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My Bootleg Edit of Kanye West’s Bound 2 minus Kanye West’s Rap as edited by @Iamkasual mixed with Group Therapy’s Classic East Coast West Coast Killers featuring rap by Cypress Hill, Nas and KRS One

New remix of Kanye x Daft Punk’s ‘Stronger’! Awesome tunes yet again!

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Katy Perry’s cover of the Jay-Z/Kanye West anthem, is pretty interesting…

Meet “Ninjas In Paris”…

Kanye West announces creative company DONDA and encourages people “to pick up where Steve Jobs left off”

I’m being optimistic and hoping that if icons of pop culture can use their fame to make things move on and change, it’ll facilitate transition from the current old and broken systems to new and accurate ways of learning and unleashing creativity!

Via - iTibz’ Tech, Entrepreneurship and Start-ups News Guide

Kanye West put his Twitter account back into use on Wednesday night, touching upon a wide array of subjects ranging from his new clothing line, his musical plans and his new company, DONDA, and stresses out the importance of picking up…