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I vividly remember the uncertainty that came with each day. With every positive conversation we’d have with Twitter, an equally negative action resulted.

My friend Andrew’s point of view on the Twitter API debacle is SPOT-ON!

Rope-a-dope | Andrew Dumont

The Role of Business Development at a Startup by Andrew Dumont →

My friend Andrew (currently Biz Dev at SEOMoz and previous Biz Raccoon at Seesmic) wrote a very insightful post about the often ignored role of a Business Developer… Make sure to check it out!

Confessions of an Apple Fanboy →

My friend Andrew wrote this great post about the miconception that is Apple fanboy-ism!

Funily enough, I was thinking about writing a similar post, but then decided to let it go: I don’t want to have to justify myself, but if I enter the debate, besure that I already hqve strong arguments!


Apple Fanboys are a misunderstood breed. Often, we get a lot of shit. Terms such as cult-like, delusional and idiotic frequently find themselves alongside fanboy. Sometimes, rightfully so.

Not all the time. After this infamous Samsung ad came across my TV screen, and this obnoxious

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