It’s kind of a big deal

TL;DR: I will be joining Realmac Software in Brighton for my first postgraduate job.

I’ve been lucky my whole life, and I hope it continues. I’ve pushed my luck here and there, as much as I could, because luck doesn’t just happen, sometimes you need to help the odds a little bit.

And when it comes to my career, I’ve always kept my eyes on the end-goal, rather than the present time. I feel like I’ve paid the price, and paid my dues. And I set my own expectations to try and meet them as much as I could.

I’ve always felt aversion for having to work towards something I didn’t believe in. Whether it was studying maths in high-school, or working on a project I just didn’t want to be a part of at University, if my mind wasn’t on it, there was no way that I could do good work. The same goes towards my career: I wanted to find a company I’d believe in, products I’d use, and a mentality I could identify with.

So it’s with an immense sense of pride, pleasure and excitment that I can announce that I’ll be joining the team at Realmac Software from this summer onward, as my first official postgraduate job.

The news has been in the pipes for a few weeks now, but I wanted to wait until the right time before spreading the news around. I had been interested in this company a few years back, from using their beautiful products, and after meeting the team for an interview, and running into them during a trip, I realized that not only was it a great choice in terms of job, but also in terms of the team to join.

You might have seen Realmac around for their apps such as Clear for iOS and for Mac, Courier, Analog, and the new Analog Camera (which has launched TODAY!)

I’m really looking forward to joining this little company based in Brighton and bring my skills, heart and mind to helping users and spreading the good word for this awesome company!

Today is a day to celebrate ; Tomorrow is a day to get to more work and projects!

It’s certainly not easy to start a career. Ever. Being a dropout, or even having attended (and possibly graduated from) Higher Education, there’s is such a gap between the student life and the work life. It’s not easy to adapt, and the transition is much more different than any change you can have, whether cultural, financial, or having to deal with a relationship with someone else.

Remember when your wise friend’s and relatives were advising you to look for an area, an industry, or domain that you love for your professional career? I was lucky enough to have this chance, this choice, and to know where I wanted to go (at least a rather vague idea…) Interestingly enough, it’s once again an advice that you realize is true after enough time has passed. Like a lot of decisions in life, you can connect the dots once the decision was taken.

So being here in San Francisco, leaving the office at 9pm, I realize how important of is to try to look for this unconditional love for what I do and want to do. Love, or doubtless belief in a company, a project or a product. Because when you are lucky enough to find this element, you won’t realize how late you’re staying up to work. Lunch, or dinner, will pass by without you noticing anything. And you will put so much of yourself in the current situation that days, weeks, months, and if you’re lucky enough, years will fly by. I am not worried about finding myself in this position, I’m always optimistic towards the future, and pretty confident that I will somehow find what I’m looking for. I just hope to find it very soon. But I hope that, unlike relationships, I get to find this while looking for it, not when I feel like stopping, or giving up…

I’m very interested in your path, what about You, reader, have you find this passion driving you on a daily basis? Or are you finding yourself stuck in the middle of a difficult position? Or a transition phase? No matter what happens, I would strongly advise you to watch/listen to the following speech, and reflect upon it and this article too…