Email Abherration

I stumbled on the following Techcrunch article on Twitter earlier, and an inner questioning rage burst inside of me.

I see everyday people talking about attempting, achieving, or goving up on inbox zero. I see people in companies who are stuck with hundreds of unanswered requests in their inboxes. And important discussions and deadlines missed because of the email overload, trying to respond to everything, using a not-so-scalable-and-traceable tool.

So seeing this new app, aiming at becoming your children’s first contact with emails, I’m afraid we’re about to format their minds instead of focusing on the next generation of tools and devices to tackle this issue. Leave logistics behind: there is work to do! 

hi there… sorry if i don’t get back to you right away, however sometimes email can be a challenge. I’m working on solving this by attempting to clone myself multiple times, but so far most of them are lazy slobs just like me, sigh.

In addition to the regular challenge of email i’m traveling out of the country for the next week leading our trip to Latin America. if an urgent response is needed plz put a respond by date in the subject line so i have a better chance of catching it.

if it’s URGENT, and/or you are a 500 Startups investor, founder, mentor or partner, or if we are in the middle of a deal, then PLEASE give me a call or text if you have my phone #, or read below for more info on how to get in touch with me. OR YOU CAN SEND ME AN ALL-CAPS EMAIL AND I MIGHT READ THAT. or i might not.

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if you’ve read this far, you are very dedicated. i encourage you to spend less time reading my auto responder, and more time reading a good book or playing Angry Birds.

peace out.
- dave mcclure

Hotmail Gmail

The first email provider I’ve ever used for my own personal things was Hotmail. While this was back in the early 2000’s when platforms were slow and internet access pretty limited in terms of speed, Hotmail did the job. Also, as I was a teen, my account would allow me to go on MSN and chat with my friends all evenings long. Pretty cool at the time.

But times have changed. We are in 2011, design is the newest and hypest trend.

And my email provider has drastically changed: I went from clunky hotmail to Gmail. I’m not going to give reasons for this change as it is pretty self-explanatory: Google Docs, Youtube, Google Plus, Calendar, Maps, etc… Microsoft tried to replicate these services with Bing, Bing Maps, and such, but always falling behind Google.

Microsoft, all these years has managed to keep its position as a tech giant. Good for them! But I think it is truly intolerable to deal with the current version of Hotmail as it is. I know this for a fact as my university is using Hotmail to power our inboxes.

It is ugly, the buttons don’t respond, and honestly, I’m not exaggerating when I say that I feel very reluctant and very edgy everytime I know I have to use this service.

What about you? Any crazy email story? What are you worst inbox disasters?