“If you keep tweeting like you do, you’ll be unemployable.” That’s the advice cum low-level threat I received from a national newspaper journalist late last year. (…) But, in reality, Twitter and the connections I have made there have got me work. A lot of it.


The truth is, I think not using the web properly is what will make the old school hacks unemployable. When it happens, let’s all try not to laugh, OK?

This is another greatpiece by Mic Wright, in which he explains the differences in social media behaviors, and how -unlike what his former employer(s) had mentioned/said/threatened- using Twitter was much more beneficial than the handicap or good-enough-reason-to-get-fired his employer seemd to indicate at the time.

I obviously COMPLETELY agree!

==> The chimeric risks of injudicious tweeting – by Mic Wright for The Kernel