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Yes, the tech conference scene is more crowded now. But LeWeb is still king. See you next year.

— LeWeb 2012 Debriefing from Andrew Scott for The Kernel

Samsung is highlighted as one source of major health issues in the semiconductor industry.

You’re welcome to love Android and hate Apple. Just don’t be fooled into thinking Samsung are the good guys.

— From Mic Wright’s article for The Kernel - “Samsung: power, corruption, and lies”

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I’ve never been willing to listen to copycats, that’s just how I am. Even if they make a lot of money, they’re not very interesting.

My former boss @Loic is interviewed in my favorite “Business x Tech” blog these days: Kernel Mag.

Very insightful stuff if you’re interested in Tech! And I have to say: I completely agree with this quote. I personally tend to disregard and denounce copycats when I find some…