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The guys at TBWA Paris know how to have fun… Funniest one I’ve seen yet…

Tumblr at Work


there is too much weird shit on tumblr to be tumbling at work

also, productivity.


So glad someone nailed explaining why our generation is more focused on passion than unhappy big bucks! :)

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You thought Red Bull was cool? Wait until you see the brand new Santa Monica offices!

when it’s time for bourbon Thursday

Since when is there such a thing as Bourbon Thursday?

Is that a thing?


Look at this guy: he’s going to Oktoberfest with a 6-pack

Heard at the office…

==> An intern is leaving and going to Chile. He already has a girlfriend, so won’t be single by the time he gets there. Someone used this metaphor to outline how much of a waste it was, having a girlfriend when you’re going to a different country…