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With the snow hitting Western Europe quite hard today, there is truly nothing better than resting inside, with a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate, and sit by the window, listening to Kyson’s remix of Bon Iver’s Holocene



Here’s Butch Clancy’s take on Pumped Up Kicks, the Foster The People classic. If this track rings a bell, you’ve probably seen it in the following out-of-this-world dance video:

So… the two guys responsible for the original version of this track are good friends from high school…

And this remix rocks… Waddayathink?

Track of the day? I certainly think so!

New remix of Kanye x Daft Punk’s ‘Stronger’! Awesome tunes yet again!

(Source : Spotify)

Tinie Tempah’s friend Larbinth has finally released first album… And it features this amazing baby tune!

As usual, make sure you have good headphones, or a good auio set up with good basses, and play it loud!

(Source : Spotify)

Oh WOW! This remix of M83’s Midnight City is beautiful!

Crank tha’ volume UP!


Available on Spotify here!