I would and could write down an article, yet again I have two main reasons to reblog it instead:


- The blog where I found this belongs to someone I discovered today: a university student in London UK working for a startup, exactly the type of profile I’m interested in meeting…

So you should watch this video: it’s quick and there is a lot to take-in, if you’re interested in technology and how life will be in just two years!


Why Siri Can Take Over The World

Epipheo are simply my favourite animation company. They just have a magical way of combining simple animation, great voice over and fantastic content into one YouTube bag of goodness.

Their latest video explains how Siri could well take over the world, and overthrow Google! I’m not sure which would be more impressive. Siri, the voice control software has taken the world by storm. It’s arguably the only real reason why you’d upgrade to an iPhone 4S and I’m sure is programmed to never work after hearing the words “let me show you this cool thing Siri does”. It then never works. 

None the less people use it and Google are scared of it. Apple have a lot to be happy about right now. In my opinion if you want a PC you buy a mac, you want a phone it has to be the iPhone, for tablets it’s the iPad, MP3 player you’d be crazy to buy anything other than an iPod. Soon if you want a Personal Assistant, forget the recruitment agencies and ask Siri.  

OK, enough talking, things are set: the next destination somehow is New York!

I’ve been here and there, traveling North, South, East and West, back and forth, with France as a resting point. But never have I gone to New York.

I swore to myself to go back to San Francisco within 5 years. It’s important! But before that, I’ll go to New York and spend (at least?) a week there (to begin with!)

- My son, do you want to hear something strange?
– Yes! What?
- You know the new tree painting we did on the garage last week.. Up until around the year 2050 people generally did not have paintings on houses!
– What? Were they grey?
- Well, yes, many were. Often they would paint villas in One colour, like blue or yellow, but very rarely in more than one or two colours and almost never any pictures. Most apartment houses and government buildings and so on were grey. Artists sometimes went and painted on tunnels, grey municipal buildings and so on, but the pictures were washed away! By the government!
– …Was art forbidden?
- Well no, but it had to be in special buildings only. Some people felt that houses was not to be painted on, except in one pale colour all over.
– Wow.. How dull.
- Yes, my son. Now lets get our jackets and go pick some fruit.