Improve the way you search on Twitter to get better results

Twitter’s search is a powerful tool. Where Google only shows you results from people who can afford to build websites, Twitter can show you what people are saying at any moment. When I have a problem, I usually search Twitter first to see if anyone else is asking the same question.

That being said, Twitter search is a finicky feature. Sometimes you can immediately find the results you’re looking for, but occasionally you’ll need to dig deeper. That’s where this table of Twitter’s search operators comes in handy (above).

Next time you’re looking for something on Twitter, use these different ‘operators’ in addition to your keywords to get more specific results.

Source | Twitter Search

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For an AIDS-FREE generation by 2015, create videos and spread the word on Vine and Twitter! #REDWorldRecord

Twitter is where I go to find out what’s happening. My RSS reader is where I go to become informed.

This is EXACTLY why the Death of Google Reader is a sad thing…

But hey: everyone is discovering Feedly!

Personally, I’ve re-discovered it and loving it: took me 5 minutes to get used to it though and I’ve been really enjoying the experience since then

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"I quit Twitter for a month and it completely changed my thinking about mostly everything."


I surprised some people when I said I was taking November off Twitter.

I’ve been using Twitter since July 2006 (user #1568!) with almost completely unbroken usage since late 2007, so that reaction is understandable—most especially from those in my life who consider me addicted to my iPhone.

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